Five things to do
in Los Angeles every day.

Hand-Picked Fun Every Day


Daily suggestions for eye-opening gallery openings, lectures, workshops, and happenings. Wine and cheese optional.


From the urban jungle to secret gardens, Los Angeles is full of surprises. Take a moment every day to explore what the city has to offer.


Savor the incredible edible city with our insider’s guide to restaurants, food trucks, groceries and culinary occasions.


It’s 11 PM on a Wednesday night. Do you know where your dance floor is?


Some things defy categorization. Fortunately, we have a category for that.

Our Team

5 Every Day was lovingly built by a small group of Los Angeles-based friends, designers, and artists to fill their own need for a no-nonsense events calendar and exploration engine. The design studio Public-Library made it beautiful and YACHT, a multimedia pop group, comb the city for wonderful things. | |